Menswear Blogger | Content Creator


Doreen Pierre

AKA DapperPenniless

I’m a Brooklyn based fashion blogger, visual content creator, event producer, and DJ who started this page 4 years ago as “DapperPenniless”, to share my journey on how I crafted my style as a masculine presenting woman on a tight budget. Since then, I’ve grown a 7.8k+ following on Instagram and have been featured on outlets like Buzzfeed, Autostraddle, and QWEAR as a style consultant!

In a commitment to showing more of myself and my growth as an individual, I’ll be expanding this website in the follow ways:

  • focusing on dapper and street style fashion through a queer & gender-nonconforming lens

  • showcasing the above looks for a variety of body types, colors, & price points. Which means more collaborations with all of you!

  • project based content creation and events surrounding fashion, lifestyle, travel, & mental health. Stay tuned for more on this soon!