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3 years ago I started out in photography and have built my way up to video, editing, djing, event producing, and creating engaging marketing materials I have experience in many areas including events, parties, engagements, and weddings. I’m really passionate about documenting the lives of people in their big moments, particularly, queer people of color who are often underrepresented in the media.

Fashion Blog | Previously DapperPenniless

Years ago, I saw limited resources online for how I could build a dapper wardrobe on a budget as a recent college graduate. I decided to create a blog for dapper women and gender non-conforming folk to showcase how I solved that issue for myself. Hence the creation and moniker DapperPenniless! I've been featured on Buzzfeed, Broadly, Autostraddle, Kirrin Finch, DapperQ and other publications as a style consultant! While my aim continues to create and share resources for fashion on a budget, I will be expanding the scope of what I cover to include a variety of price ranges and styles.