Searching for Staples Pt.2 - Shoes for the Dapper Penniless

As a dapper woman, I know that the shoes I wear are a major part of how I put myself together. I want a pair of shoes to enhance my outfit, not take away from it. On my commute to work, I have seen a lot of people...usually businessmen, who have ruined a great suit by wearing a pair of these...

Square-toed shoes, everybody! Which are more like laced...up...bricks for the foot...

Square-toed shoes, everybody! Which are more like laced...up...bricks for the foot...

I'm not sure why square-toed shoes were ever in style, but I feel like good ol' Michael Scott when I see em'!

Anyway, finding great shoes to match my dapper wardrobe is a must, but like all things DapperPenniless, finding shoes within my budget is also a must. I would love to buy a pair of 300 - 400 dollar shoes from Church's or other competitors, but these prices are unrealistic to pay, especially for someone like me who is just starting out. I have to keep my priorities and finances in check!

Luckily, I found two places in the City that have helped me out in this department- DSW and Nordstrom Rack! (Nordstrom Rack's slogan is actually "Where style meets savings") #WONDERFUL!!! I have found a lot of hidden treasures at both of these outlets, as they sell a number of popular brands. These two are some of my favorite finds so far:

Tsubo Winslow II Wingtip Boot- The details of these Tsubo boots are really what make them stylish pieces to have. They have a modern, casual feel, with a harness coming around to the  front, while keeping the classic touch of a wingtip boot with the brogue detail. 

Cole Haan Grandsprint Wing II- These Cole Haan shoes are my go-to work shoe. They offer cushioning and flexibility or as Cole Haan calls it, "Grand.OS Technology". Cole Haan pushes boundaries and increases comfort, making Cole Haan one of my favorite shoe brands to wear. 

I'll be sure to keep you posted on others I find, especially while on my current quest for #dapperpenniless worthy Chelsea boots!