NY Fashion Week is HERE!: The Tailory New York Kicks Off Their Fall Collection

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to The Tailory New York's- NY Fashion Week Party. This event was put on to kick off their custom designed fall collection!  I ran over straight after work, and I have to say... going to this event made me love NYC even more! EHEM... I still love you, Jersey...

One of the highlights of my night was meeting Sara, @adapperchick. I have been following her work on IG for quite some time. Seeing her collaboration with The Tailory New York was refreshing and a definite push on the boundaries of womenswear. (Check her out!)

Along with the stylish folk I met, there was some really great pieces on display... talk about eye candy! Some of the pieces had a bit of a casual touch which I could appreciate.  Given the fact that custom costs a pretty dime, I would love to get tailored pieces that I could dress up or down depending on the day.

This experience has definitely motivated me to stay true to my dapper journey. I met people who weren't afraid to let their personalities flow through their style. I was right at home with The Tailory New York.

 What do you guys think of this collection?   Comment below and have a great fashion week!