DapperPenniless Goes for the Cut and Gets an Experience

Hey folks, DapperPenniless here! I’m always getting questions about where I get my haircut done so I'm making a whole post about it!

When I moved to NYC finding a dedicated barber was a daunting task for me. I wanted to find a shop where I could be comfortable in my own skin as a queer woman of color. My barber would also HAVE to know how to cut my kinks and coils just right. Not everyone can do it, trust me! It took me a couple of misses, a little research and a pinch of good luck to find Carol, a master barber at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop. When I make an appointment with her it's for more than just a cut; It's an experience. My barber knows about the happenings in my life, offers advice, and cuts my partners’ hair as well.

Here is a closer look into what a typical cut session with Carol is like. I hope this can help anyone who is looking for great cut with even better vibes! 

Carol is trying to find out what I want today. All I have to say is, "Damnnn, my edges have gotten unruly! Fix it, Carol!"

I love the length at the top so I decided to go with a cleanup and tapering of the sides/back. Let's get this cut started!

I'm always looking like a diplomat but I swear I wasn't thinking of anything serious!

Carol is putting in that work! My tapered cut is coming together.

The cut is made and now I'm getting a wash. Talk about an experience. Look at my hair glistening! Ahhhhh....#relaxation 

Straight out the wash with a good 'rake and shake' to make my coils pop! #killersmile #taperedfro #kinksonfleek

Straight out the wash with a good 'rake and shake' to make my coils pop! #killersmile #taperedfro #kinksonfleek

A closer look at the finishing touches. Carol always knows how to get my lines straight!

Happiness in a barber's chair.

"Woman in the Mirror". Loving what I see! Don't you?

Another haircut success! Ready to go out into the world looking refreshed! Thanks, Carol!

For more information and to book your cut click here!

All photo credit goes to Jelan Coley, www.JelanColey.com, @umbra_et_lux