Spring time is here with JORD watches! *Giveaway Alert*

Spring time is finally here can you believe it?! I'm super excited for all of the adventures that will unfold as the weather finally gets to be nice and warm in NYC! Spring is a beautiful time of transition where once leafless trees and snow covered grounds become bountiful in lush green grass and beautiful flowers in all sorts of colors. With that, I've been looking for ways to incorporate the nature around me into my wardrobe for this season and Jord was kind enough to send me a piece that was just perfect for what I was looking for!

oo lah lah! ;) I'm loving my Jord Watch!

oo lah lah! ;) I'm loving my Jord Watch!


The watch featured above is a part of Jord's Conway series and I chose to go with Kosso & Midnight Blue color for the "simple but sophisticated" look this spring! It features chronograph functionality and wood and stainless steel links. What I love about this watch is that because it's made of wood it is truly a one of kind piece! Wood watches are also natural, lightweight, hypoallergenic and age like fine wine!  My Jord Conway watch looks and feels superb on my wrist and the blue and stainless steel accents make it that much better! Check out how I pair it with some grey slacks, a white oxford, and patterned blue vest!

If you love this watch like I do you're in luck!!!! One lucky winner will be one step closer to owning a Jord timepiece of their own! Everyone who enters will automatically be entered to win a $100.00 gift code and even if you don't win you'll be given a $25.00 gift code! It's a win-win so enter HERE! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe for more!

To link to our Jord's men's shop : https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/men/#dapperpenniless

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To link to the Conway watch: https://www.jordwatches.com/series/conway/kosso-and-midnight-blue/#dapperpenniless

Photo Credit-- Jelan Coley @umbra_et_lux