How I used my dapper wardrobe to create a Candyman inspired costume! 

Coming from a super religious background I never celebrated Halloween growing up. As everyone in my classes would get dressed up for this festive holiday, I was usually pulled out of class to go home. The following weekend I was probably at church listening to a sermon about how Halloween is satanic and the day for people to do their evil bidding. Sound like a real life rendition of The Purge? I thought so too! The most interesting thing I would hear growing up was that someone would put drugs in the candy so watch out! Here’s what I think of that today...


In recent years I started to dress up for Halloween as a way of reclaiming my time but also, life is a costume party so why not play? This year I was inspired by the 1992 version of the Candyman based in Chicago, where legend has it if you summoned the Candyman 5 times in the mirror he would appear and kill you. The basis of the legend was that Candyman was the son of an enslaved person that made a name for himself by being painting and producing/selling shoes during the Civil War. After falling in love with a white woman and having a baby with her he was attacked by a lynch mob who cut off his painting hand and smeared him in honey so that bees could sting him to death. Crazy, right?! Word has it that Jordan Peele will be making a remake of this movie soon and I’ll be first in line to watch it.

Above you can see the Candyman in all of his gory and sinister glory and to top it off he’s dapper AF! Here’s my modern take of his look, and of course, I put this all together with items from my dapper wardrobe. The jacket I am wearing is a Kooples trench coat that I found at a thrift store in L.A. recently. Underneath that I am wearing an overshirt from Topman that I shared with you all in a previous post. The button down and pants I’m wearing are both from H&M. I spray painted some fake bees that I found at a Halloween store in brown and metallic gold and donned a chained hook in my right hand.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Newman

Let me know what ya’ll think about this look. Summon me 5 times tonight and see what happens! ;) See y’all soon!