3  Looks for this Gorgeous Weather That Are to Die For!

Happy Summer Solstice! Just in time for great weather and even better vibes, I've prepared 3 looks for this gorgeous weather that you've gotta have! I can't believe how long, cold, and at times grey this past winter was :(. So I'm taking advantage and ready to go all out with these outfits that reflect just how good I feel! DapperPenniless is back--- did you miss me?! ;)

Clean Casual

This is the typical look I'd put on if I want to look clean and fresh on any given day. I'll usually wear this out to chill at a day party, rooftop or coffee shop meet-up with some friends. I'm attracted to vibrancy and color so I paired this clean white mandarin collared button down with some pink chinos for a classic look.

Top - Uniqlo

Bottoms - Topman



Floral print has to be one of the most popular patterns to bloom around the spring and summer! The key is to make it sexy ;)! I left a couple of buttons unbuttoned and paired this top with some crop pants and tennis shoes to seal the deal!


Bottoms- Forever 21

Soft Papi Chic


This outfit gives you everything to take flight with this feather patterned rouge top and striped crop pants. I paired this outfit with some brogues to make this look even more refined. This outfit screams suave, stylish and everything that makes this outfit soft papi chic!

Top -  Asos

Bottoms - Topman

Which is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for whats new at DapperPenniless!