How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe (Video)

Oh heyyy, I hope you all have started off your fall just right! I asked you what you wanted to discuss this week and most of you asked for tips on how to build your basic wardrobe. I thought that this topic would go better in video format so I have put together an extensive overview with example pieces that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe moving forward. In this video I will be covering:

  1. Capsule Wardrobes

  2. Neutrals VS. Trendy

  3. Saving Time and Money

  4. The Power of the Clearance Section

  5. Quality over Quantity

  6. Examples

Enjoy! Leave me sweet comments, feedback, and of course, send me any questions or concerns that you may have on building up your wardrobe! See you soon :)

You ask and I deliver- Check out "How to Build a Basic Wardrobe" for some general tips on how to build a quick and cohesive capsule of clothing that you can wear throughout the seasons! This video is for everyone but with an emphasis on queer, masc, femme, nonbinary, trans, gender non-conforming folks.