Menswear Shoe Haul for Gender Non-Conforming Folks -- Small Feet Edition

I've created a vlog on youtube called, "DapperPenniless Presents...," to document the nuances of life surrounded by love, laughter, friendship and success. I'll be focusing on my lifestyle through a lens that highlights my community of #qpoc and give you a better idea of just how full our lives truly are! In this first installment, we follow my good friend Damien on a hunt for some quality shoes. As you may or may not know, menswear for women, trans, or gender non-conforming folks can be difficult to find but not impossible! With a size 5 in Womens and a Size 3 in Boys it was no easy task to find Damien some shoes that he would like!  Press play to see just how we did it... 

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