Weekend Wear in this Endless Summer Heat Wave!

Boy, was it hot this weekend as NYC was hit with the heatwave of the summer! I had planned on keeping it cool by sipping on mimosas, watching movies, and stationing myself in front of my AC, but alas, I decided to hit the streets of SoHo for some shopping and then a day party with friends. I always like to keep it dapper with a button down and some slacks but this time I decided to dress it down to keep me a bit cooler.

What I wore this weekend to create some waves of my own! -Photo Credit @ShotbyRee

What I wore this weekend to create some waves of my own! -Photo Credit @ShotbyRee

For my weekend outfit I wore my newest Men's polo that I found on clearance at the Union Square's, Scotch and Soda. Ever since I discovered them while on my trip to Miami, I have been in love with their products . Furthermore, I love how this handsome striped shirt can add some pop and flair to any outfit. Of course, this outfit had to feature a piece from one of my favorite stores, Uniqlo. My women's ankle length pants were breathable and just what I needed to beat the heat while keeping it stylish. Lastly, I kept it comfortable in my Stan Smith's and definitely threw on my shades from Warby Parker to keep these eyes protected from all the UV rays. I was feeling as cool as a cucumber!

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Photo Credit: @ShotByRee

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